The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Waterfowl Program is dedicated to improving waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities on public and private lands throughout Alabama.  WFF Biologists provide technical assistance to landowners and other entities regarding many aspects of waterfowl management.  Other responsibilities include conducting aerial waterfowl surveys, wood duck banding, and other activities related to representing the interests of Alabama waterfowl hunters  on flyway and national committees.


New Mobile-Tensaw Delta Waterfowl Management Zone Regulation Map (PDF)

2017-2018 Waterfowl Hunting Guide (pdf)  

Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Dates

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State Waterfowl Biologists    


Seth Maddox
Waterfowl Coordinator
234 County Road 141
Hollywood, AL 35752
(256) 437-2788
Jud Easterwood
Supervising Wildlife Biologist
21453 Harris Station Road
Tanner, AL  35671
(256) 353-2634


 Alabama Waterfowl Reports

Mallard Migration Map

Every week from late September to early February, more than 100 experts in North America's Mississippi and Central Flyways rank the progress of mallard migration in their areas. The data is compiled to bring you a map showing the status of mallard migration. These rankings do not depict mallard abundance. They indicate the relative progression of the fall migration. Estimated peak numbers of mallards may be lower or higher than average numbers during previous years due to annual variations in local wetland and environmental conditions. As a result, a dark color does not necessarily mean that lots of mallards are present in that region. We are pleased to add Alabama to the Mallard Migration Map this year, which will allow our waterfowl hunters to track the mallard migration. This can also generally apply to the fall migration of all waterfowl species. 

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