The Weeks Bay Water Watch was initiated by the Weeks Bay Watershed Project and the Baldwin County Soil and Water Conservation District in 1995 as part of the statewide Alabama Water Watch program. 

Goals include:


♦ Educate citizens about water issues, nonpoint source pollution, basic water chemistry

♦ Train volunteers to measure water quality

♦ Challenge citizens to “make a difference”





The following parameters are monitored by the  
Weeks Bay Water Watch :



♦ pH: 

Is the water basic or acidic?


♦ dissolved oxygen:

Low oxygen levels can be indicator for several environmental problems.


♦ water clarity:

Cloudy water can be a sign of upstream erosion problems.


♦ total hardness:

Is the water impacted by dissolved minerals?


♦ total alkalinity:

How well can the water react to changes in pH?


♦ E. coli:

High bacteria can be a threat to human health.


♦ salinity:

Is the water affected by tidal action?






For information on the WBWW program or becoming a Water Watch volunteer, contact Weeks Bay Watershed Coordinator, Mike Shelton.