Alabama Freshwater Mussel List

Freshwater Mussels in Alabama

Order Unionoida

Family Margaritiferidae - The Spectaclecase, found in the Tennessee River, and Alabama Pearlshell, found in the Conecuh River and tributaries of the Alabama River, are the only members of this family in Alabama.

Family Unionidae

Actinonaias - Two members of this genus, Mucket and Pheasantshell, were found in the Tennessee River.  The Mucket is of highest conservation concern and the Pheasantshell appears to be extirpated from Alabama.

Alasmidonta - Of the four species found in Alabama, one is extinct, one is extirpated and two are of hightest conservation concern.

Amblema - The Coosa Fiveridge and the Threeridge are found in Alabama.

Anodonta - The Apalachicola Floater and the Flat Floater are the only members of this genus in Alabama.

Anodontoides radiatus - The Rayed Creekshell is the only member of this genus found in Alabama.

Arcidens confragosus - Only the Rock Pocketbook is found in Alabama.

Cyclonaias tuberculata - The Purple Wartyback is common in the Tennessee River system.

Cyprogenia stegaria - The Fanshell is an endangered mussel only found in the Wilson Dam tailwaters.

Dromus dromas - The Dromedary Pearlymussel is extirpated from Alabama.

Ellipsaria lineolata - The Butterfly is a fairly common mussel in flowing streams of both the Tennessee River system and the Mobile Basin. 

Elliptio - Eleven species of this genus have been found in Alabama.

Epioblasma - This group of "pigtoe" mussels include both rare and common species.

Fusconaia - A genus of mussels in Alabama with common names like ebonyshell, longsolid and various "pigtoes."

Glebula rotundata - Though poorly known, the Round Pearlshell is common extreme in southern Alabama.

Hamiota - The four Alabama species of this genus, Finelined Pocketbook, Southern Sandshell, Orangenacre Mucket, and Spinyrayed Pocketbook, are all of high or highest conservation concern.

Hemistena lata - The Crackling Pearlymussel is an endangered mussel with remnant populations in the Elk River of Alabama and Tennessee.

Lampsilis - This genus contains species with odd common names like lampmussel, mucket, fatmucket, pockebook, and sandshell.

Lasmigona - The Flutedshell, Green Foater and three species of heelspitter live in Alabama.

Lemiox rimosus - Birdwing Pearlymussel is extirpated from Alabama, having previously been found at Muscle Shoals. 

Leptodea - Fragile Papershell and Scaleshell have been found in the Tennessee River of Alabama.  The Fragile Papershell is still fairly common, but the Scaleshell is extirpated from Alabama.

Ligumia - The Black Sandshell and Pondmussel are known from Alabama.

Megalonaias nervosa - The Washboard is a commercial species found throughout Alabama with the exception of the Choctawhatchee and Yellow river systems.

Medionidus - Four species of moccasinshell have been found in Alabama.

Obliquaria reflexa - The Threehorn Wartyback is a commercial species throughout the Tennessee River system and Mobile Basin.

Obovaria - Six species of this genus have been found in Alabama.

Pegias fabula - The Littlewing Pearlymussel has been extirpated from Alabama where it was previously found in some northern Alabama tributaries.

Plectomerus -

Plethobasus -

Pleurobema -

Pleuronaia - The Bankclimber and Purple Bankclimber are found in Alabama or border waters.

Potamilus -

Ptychobranchus - A group of mussels with the common name kidneyshell.

Pyganodon -

Quadrula -

Quincuncina infucata - The Sculptured Pigtoe is found in tributaries to the Chattahoochee and Chipola rivers, but in Alabama, it is only extant in Big Creek of Houston County.

Strophitus - Alabama Creekmussel, Southern Creekmussel and Creeper are the Strophitus mussels in Alabama.

Toxolasma - This genus includes the "lilliput" mussels.

Tritogonia verrucosa - The Pistolgrip is a commercially harvested mussel in the Tennessee River and Mobile basin.

Truncilla - Fawnsfoot and Deertoe are the Truncilla species in Alabama.

Uniomerus - Pondhorn and Florida Pondhorn are the only species known from Uniomerus in Alabama.

Utterbackia - Alabama mussels in the genus Utterbackia includes the Paper Pondshell and Florida Floater.

Villosa - Members of this genus range from extirpated from Alabama to common.

Order Veneroida

Family Dreissenidae - Zebra Mussels are a member of this family that are found in Alabama, but they are not native to Alabama.

Family Cyrenidae - Asian Clam or Asiatic Clam are members of this family that are found throughout Alabama, but they are not native to Alabama.

Note: In Alabama, it is illegal to release or stock or move any fish, mussel, snail or crayfish to any public waters without a permit.


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