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Alabama Birding Information

Everyday Birds of Alabama

Alabama's State Bird
Alabama is the only state with a woodpecker for a state bird. The yellowhammer was adopted on September 6, 1927. It is more properly called the Northern Flicker. The yellow-shafted variety occurs in Alabama. According to Civil War legend, a company of new soldiers from Huntsville was spotted with bits of brilliant yellow cloth on their sleeves, collars, and coattails. This resulted in some of the older soldiers comparing their appearance to that of the bright and cheerful yellowhammer bird. In time, all Alabama soldiers became known as "Yellowhammers."

A Bird in the Hand: Birdbanding
In April and October, the Hummer/Bird Study Group has a birdbanding station at Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores. This volunteer organization monitors the population and health of thousands of migratory birds arriving or departing on the trans-Gulf flying route. Birds are captured, weighed, measured, banded, and released. Visitors of all ages may be invited to hold, adopt, and release a bird. For scheduled dates, call 800-745-SAND.

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