Identification of the Temperate Bass
White Bass, Striped Bass, their Hybrid and Yellow Bass

White bass teeth on tongue

White bass description

Striped Bass Identification Using Teeth

Striped Bass Identification

Hybrid and Striped Bass Teeth on the Tongue

Hybrid Striped Bass or Wiper Identification

Yellow bass can be identified because they do not have a tooth patch on their tongue and the second spine of the anal fin is longer than the base of the anal fin.
White bass can be identified because they have a single center tooth patch, and their stripes are faint. On a white bass, the first stripe below the lateral line is not distinct nor complete to tail.
Some striped bass may have broken lines, but the stripes of a fresh hybrid are distinct and definitely broken. The shape of the head can be a distinguishing characteristic between the striped bass and the hybrid bass (wiper).

Hybrid Bass and Striped Bass
A hybrid bass or "wiper" is shown on above and a striped bass shown below from Lake Jordan on the Coosa River.

White Bass and Yellow Bass
White bass (above) and yellow bass (below) were caught in Wilson Reservoir in April of 2007 by Steve Hacker.