Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days will be on November 18, 2017 and February 3, 2018. The regular waterfowl season shooting hours, bag limits, and legal arms and ammunitions apply to the special days. Individuals must follow the listed rules to participate in the scheduled youth waterfowl hunts:

1. Up to two (2) youth participants must be accompanied by an adult supervisor. The adult supervisor, who may not hunt, is to remain within arm’s length of the youth at all times.

2. Youth is defined as those individuals who have not reached their sixteenth birthday.

3. Adult is defined as those individuals 25 years old or older or the parent of the youth who are in possession of all state hunting licenses and state and federal waterfowl stamps required to hunt waterfowl. Possession of the required hunting licenses and stamps are required.

4. Only one firearm will be allowed per youth. Only the youth hunters will be permitted to utilize the firearm for hunting. The adult is expected to review with each youth the rules of firearm safety and hunter ethics and to ensure they are followed.

Alabama Waterfowl Resources