Seven Regional Archery in the Schools Events will be held in the Spring of 2015 at the following locations:

Coaches - please be considerate of your regional hosts and submit payment at least two weeks ahead of time to the address of your regional below.  Schools need to buy trophies, targets, etc. and need the registration fees at least two weeks out.

You will need to know your username and pasword from last year to register.  If you are new, you will just need to set up a new account.  If you registered last year, but can not remember your username, email Jim Robertson and he will help.  DO NOT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT.  If you have any technical problems, contact Jim Robertson.  He should get back to you within 3-4 hours.   If you are having trouble reaching Jim, please call our office at 334-242-3620.

When you first login, you may come to the home screen.  Please follow the steps below to register your students:

(If you are a new user this year, you will need to email Jim Robertson your username so that he can activate your account.  Then follow the steps below)

1). Click on “My Information” under “My Information” on the horizontal menu.

2). You must complete your contact info.  If any fields are missing, you will be shown this screen first.  It is selected by clicking on “Contact Info”.

3). Next, you must define a team by selecting a school in the first drop down box and the level of the school in the second dropdown box, the click on “Add New”

4). If you have more than one team (different school or different level), add them all on this screen.

5). When completed, click on the radio button labeled “Regional Competition”.  In front of each team you have entered is a button that says “Edit”.  For each team, you must select this button and then select the regional they will attend in the dropdown box and click “Update”.  If any team has the “Regional Location” listed as “Not Selected”, then they have not been assigned a regional competition.

6). If you have any assistant coaches, click on “Assistant Instructors / Coaches”.  Enter their name in the box provided for name, select the team they will be assisting with (only one is available), and enter their t-shirt size.  Do not enter their name more than once.

7). When all of the above has been completed, click on “Archery Competition Registration” and then “Regional Student Registration”.  The next time you log on, you should be automatically directed to this screen.

8). Now, you are on the main screen you will need to enter your students.  You select the team for which you are entering students and complete all of the boxes available with the appropriate information.

Pell City High School – St. Clair County, Pell City, AL – Feb. 19-20th (20 Lanes)
Flight Times 8-3
Regional Coordinator: CSM Bryant
Checks should be made to: Pell City Archery Department
Mail Checks to : Pell City Archery Department, Attention CSM Bryant, 1300 Cogswell Avenue, Pell City, AL 35125
Entry Fee for spectators: $3.00

Ozark Civic Center - Dale County, Ozark, AL - Feb 19-20 th (20 Lanes)
Flight Times 9-4
Regional Coordinator: Leah Harlow and Steve Sherrill
Checks should be make to: DCCS
Mail Checks to Dale County Christian School, Attn: Leah Harlow, 64 Suzie Street, Ozark, AL 36360

Alma Bryant High School – Mobile County, Mobile, AL – (20 Lanes)
Flight Times 9-4
Regional Coordinator: Roy Richardson
Checks should be made to: ALMA Bryant Archery Boosters
Mail Checks to: Alma Bryant Archery Boosters, P.O. Box 943, Grand Bay, AL 36571

Northside Middle School - Tuscaloosa County, -  (18 Lanes)
Flight Times 9-4
Regional Coordinator: Rhonda Logan
Checks should be made to: Northside Middle School
Mail Check to: Northside Middle School, attention Rhonda Logan, 19130 Northside Road, Northport, AL 35475
Phone: 204-342-2740

Good Hope High School – Cullman County, Cullman, AL –  March 5-6th (20 Lanes)
Flight Times 8-3
Regional Coordinator: Rosemary Brown
Checks should be made to: Good Hope High School
Mail to: Good Hope High School, Attention Rosemary Brown, 210 Good Hope School Road, Cullman, AL 35057

Buckhorn Middle School – Madison County, New Market, AL - March 12-13th (20 Lanes)
Flight Times – 9-4
Regional Coordinator: Melanie Coultas
Checks should be made to: BMS Archery
Mail to: Buckhorn Middle School, Attention Melanie Coultas, 4185 Winchester Road, New Market, AL 35761
Phone: 256-379-4185


*All schools that would like to come to the NASP State Championship (April 10th) must attend one of the seven regional qualifiers. Schools may attend the regional qualifier of their choice, but please try and attend the one that is closest to you. 

 *First place in each regional will get an automatic invite to state. After that schools will be invited by score after all seven regional events are held until the state is full. We will send out an email to let everyone know who qualifies and who is on stand by.

* Students that need to share a bow will need to shoot in different flights.

* The cost for regional events will be $10 per shooter, paid directly to the school that is hosting each regional as per directions above.

*Students must shoot their own arrows at regional events. Either the new or old NASP genesis arrows will be allowed at the regional events.