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October 2005

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Table of Contents

Bringing Back the Bobwhite
This issue features several articles about management techniques that are being used in Alabama to increase the numbers of bobwhite quail.

Fire on the Mountain
What do bobwhite quail and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker have in common? They both benefit from the same type of habitat, which can be created by using prescribed burning and other management techniques. Read about the Choccolocco Upland Initiative, a cooperative program focused on restoring mountain longleaf pine stands to benefit red-cockaded woodpeckers and bobwhites.
By G. Ryan Shurette and Jeff Gardner

Walls of Jericho
It’s one of Alabama’s most ecologically important areas, and this land of wood, rock and water is fast becoming one of the state’s premier outdoor recreational sites for hiking, horseback riding, birding and enjoying nature.
By Gregory M. Lein

A New Beginning
From rubble to restoration, the lodge at Monte Sano State Park is once again a popular meeting place.
By Kent Wilborn

Woods, Water and Wildlife
Learn about the 56,000-acre Choccolocco Wildlife Management Area and what it has to offer  hunters, anglers, hikers and campers.
By Randy Liles

Longleaf Pine—Making a Comeback
An interest to significantly increase the acreage of longleaf forest has emerged in recent years. Read about the benefits of this tree to wildlife.
By Richard Tharp

Living on the Edge
Several species of wildlife benefit from the area where two or more habitats merge, called the edge.
By Ron Eakes

Quail and Predators
The list of bobwhite quail predators is lengthy. Does controlling these predators improve quail populations? Find out more in this article.
By Stanley D. Stewart

The River Redhorse
This “horse of a different color” isn’t a horse at all! Learn about this unique fish, which plays an important part in the Alabama’s river ecosystem.
By Craig Springer

After the Shot
Increase your chances of recovering a deer that’s been shot by remembering these tips.
Kevin Holsonback

Bowhunters—Be Safe!
Whether you’re a traditional archer or a crossbow user, safety should come first. Here are some tips everyone should keep in mind when heading to the woods.
By Ray Metzler

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Mottled Duck
By Ben Davis

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