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October 2004

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Squirrel Season
Alabama’s tree squirrels have served as the first quarry for generations of hunters. Hunting squirrels offers the perfect opportunity to teach safety, sportsmanship, and ethics to the beginning hunter.
By John S. Powers

Feists and Curs
Hunting squirrels with dogs is a great hunting tradition. In most cases, the good dog of those yesteryear hunts was a feist or cur.
By David K. Nelson

The Living Fossil

Catch a Rainbow!
Rainbow trout fishing in Alabama? You bet! Find out where they are and how to fish for trout.
By Traci George

Continental Links
Your purchase of a state duck stamp helps waterfowl habitat not only in Alabama, but in Canada as well. Learn more about the partnership between the State of Alabama and Ducks Unlimited.
By Bridget Schulte-Hostedde and Chad Manlove

Gentle Giant
Well known for its bulky size and gentle demeanor, the manatee is a fascinating creature.
By Keith Gauldin

Sirens of the Delta
Manatees in the Mobile Delta are rare finds. Read about one of the latest sightings.
By Keith Gauldin

To Wear or Not to Wear
Life jackets save lives, so why don’t people wear them? A new survey sheds some light on the situation.

Who Pays for Wildlife Management?
How much do you know about hunting’s contribution to Alabama’s economy? Take this quiz and find out.

Keep It Clean, Keep It Simple
Cleaning your rifle is a must. Learn how to do it properly.
By Fred Marshall

Mussel Diversity in Bear Creek
Alabama has more mussel species than any other state. Learn about a diverse mussel community in northwest Alabama.
By Stuart W. McGregor and Jeffrey T. Garner

Reflections on a Conservation Career
A Conservation Enforcement Officer is many things to many people. Find out how one officer feels about his chosen career.
By Sergeant Steve Schrader

Watchable Wildlife

By Keith McCutcheon

Conservation News
The unusual horseshoe crab has had many uses over the years. The most important today is in the biomedical field.
By Jaime Miller

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