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October 2006

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  • Cover image by Billy Pope
  • Muzzleloading—Keeping the "Hunt" in Hunting
    The muzzleloader is a versatile firearm that continues to grow in popularity. It’s more than just a deer rifle, however. With the exception of turkey and migratory birds, all other game, from feral hogs to rabbits, are legal quarry in Alabama with a small bore muzzleloader.
    By Allan Andress

    Birding 101
    Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the nation, and Alabama is a great place to do it. Find out what you need to get started enjoying this fun activity.
    By Penny Ragland

    Casting from a Kayak
    If you love to fish, why not try it from a kayak? Learn the advantages and disadvantages and how to outfit a kayak for fishing.
    By Jaime Miller

    Outfitting a Kayak for Fishing
    What is needed to fish from a kayak? Read about it here.
    By Jaime Miller

    "Must-do" Beach Destination
    Eleven new cottages and a 10,000-square-foot beach pavilion are now open at Gulf State Park. This park may have taken a beating from recent hurricanes, but it’s definitely on its way back.

    Scents, Sounds and Signals
    Deer communicate in several ways, using scent, sound and body posturing. By observing deer in the field, you can increase your enjoyment of the outdoors.
    By Chris Cook and Bill Gray

    Nature’s Freeloaders—Parasitic Plants
    Many plants rely on their host plants for some nourishment. These parasitic plants range from the common, like mistletoe, to the more rarely seen, like Indian pipe.
    By Dr. Wayne Barger

    The ABC’s of Rifle Scopes
    When choosing a scope for a rifle or shotgun, many options are available. Here are some tips that will help you select the right scope and mount it correctly to your gun.
    By Ray Metzler

    Alabama Beach Mouse
    What mouse is strong enough to survive a hurricane? The Alabama beach mouse, of course! This unique species lives only along a portion of our state’s Gulf Coast, and despite strong winds and rains still calls Alabama home.
    By Mike Groutt

    Future Hunters Learn from the Finest
    Alabama’s youth hunting days offer the perfect opportunity to introduce youngsters to hunting. Read about one group’s event in Russell County.
    By Ashley P. Smith

    How to Take a Youngster Hunting
    10 Tips from the National Shooting Sports Foundation

    Conservation News

    Watchable Wildlife
    Great Blue Heron
    By Rick Claybrook

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