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July 2007

On a small island in the Tennessee River, the insect-eating purple martin congregates prior to its fall migration.
By M. Keith Hudson
Bogs in Decline
Pitcher plant bogs are one of Alabama’s most distinctive habitats. Discover this unique, but declining, plant community.
By Griff Johnson
Just off the coast of Alabama is a shallow area known as the place to catch large redfish, also known as “bulls.”
By David Rainer
On Target for Success
By teaching skill and sportsmanship, Alabama’s Archery in the Schools Program is helping students physically and academically.
By Rebecca Leigh White
Restoring Longleaf Pine
The Continuous Conservation Reserve Program is helping southern states restore longleaf pine to benefit wildlife and protect water quality.
By Julie Best
Reducing Recoil
Reducing the amount of recoil when you shoot will improve your marksmanship. Here are a few tips to help.
By Marisa Lee-Sasser
Monroe County Lake offers good fishing from the bank or a boat.
By Jack Turner
Lock It or Lose It: Keys to Preventing Boat Theft
Reduce the probability of your boat being stolen and know what to look for when purchasing a used boat with this information.
By Lt. Erica Shipman
GulfState Park boasts a new bike trail with the transformation of Catman Road.
By Kelly Reetz
Changes to Alabama Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Learn about new pricing and license options for the 2007-2008 season.
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Watchable Wildlife
Box Turtle
By Bennett Moseley

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