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February 2007

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Outdoor Alabama magazine cover featuring a snowy egret.

Cover image by Terry Hartley
2007 Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest
First Place, Birds

2007 Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest
See the winning photos in the Fourth Annual Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest.

Time for Action
The prices for hunting and fishing licenses have remained the same in Alabama for 18 years.  Without an increase, the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries faces a major funding crisis and an increasing shortage of enforcement officers.
By David Rainer

Unraveling the Bobwhite Mystery
Prescribed fire is commonly used in the management of longleaf pine forests. What effect does this have on the bobwhite quail? Read about the results of a radio-telemetry study on the Conecuh National Forest.
By Travis H. Folk and James B. Grand

Gopher Tortoises on the Move
Several gopher tortoises found a new home recently when they were relocated by wildlife biologists. Learn about efforts to increase the population of this declining species.
By Rebecca Leigh White

Seahorse: Fish of Myth, Fish of Legend
Alabama’s coastline is home to one species of seahorse. The lined seahorse is a fascinating creature that many of us never have the opportunity to see in the wild.
By Jaime Miller

Maintaining Property and Boundary Lines
The benefits of maintaining property and boundary lines are numerous. Find out how to establish and properly care for them.
By Andrew Nix

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Nine-banded Armadillo

By Gene Carver

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