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April 2010 Outdoor Alabama Magazine

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Photo by Deanna Andrepont

Watching Wildflowers
Each spring DeSoto State Park puts on a show of blooming wildflowers, shrubs and trees. It’s the perfect time to visit this northeast Alabama showcase for waterfalls and wildflowers.
By Ken Thomas and Brittany Hughes

Fish On!
Experienced pier angler John Giannini gives some tips on what kind of bait and tackle work best when fishing from the Gulf State Park pier.
By David Rainer

Managing Turkey Habitat
Although many management practices benefit both deer and turkey, land managers should be aware of some specific things they can do to improve wild turkey habitat.
By Steven W. Barnett

Raising Smallmouths
The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is raising smallmouth bass to reestablish populations of this fish in several southern tributaries of the Tennessee River.
By Shane Bland

Mounting a Turkey Cape in 10 Easy Steps
It’s simple, affordable and can yield a stunning wall mount. Learn to mount your own turkey cape.
By Marisa Lee

Bright Future for Coffee County Lake
A new partnership with the city of Elba is improving the fishing experience at southeast Alabama’s Coffee County Lake.
By Ken Weathers

Don’t Be a Boat Ramp Hog
A little common courtesy goes a long way when using boat ramps. Here are a few tips to make your next launch go smoothly.
By David Rainer

Scottish Invasion at Lake Guntersville State Park
A newlywed couple chooses Lake Guntersville as a stop on their honeymoon trip and is impressed with its natural beauty as well as the park accommodations.
By Kenny Johnson

Parks Profile
Oak Mountain State Park

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Gray Catbird
By Ericha Nix

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