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May 2011

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Parrish Elementary School Becomes a Creek Kids School May 12, 2011 

Sport Fish Restoration

Watershed models are used to show how pollution enters the aquatic environment.   Chocolate represents silt/mud and is sprinkled on the watershed model.
  Now for the rain.  A student sprays water on the chocolate covered watershed causing the substance to run-off into the creek and lake. When it rains a lot of pollution such as silt can run-off into the creeks. Students observe and monitor the situation.
Students stop the chocolate from washing into the creeks by placing vegetative barriers and silt fences in certain areas of the watershed. Water is a precious resource. Parrish Elementary students examine this resource a little closer.

The water feels really good. In order to survive, aquatic animals need clean water. The Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center researches aquatic animals.

An impressive horn snail. Snails are abundant in some areas of the state. It is unfortunate, but a lot of snails in Alabama are now extinct.
Mrs. Custard, a Parrish Elementary teacher, examines some aquatic invertebrates.
Look! A closer view of the mollusks.
A student shows off his mussel.
Students use a seine to collect fish.

A banded sculpin was collected today. Fish are vertebrates and are fun to watch.
  Alabama is ranked #1 when it comes to the number of crayfish residing anywhere in the world.

A child says, "I can't wait to get into the creek."
Students use white plastic plates to place their aquatic insects on. Aquatic insects are later viewed under green and yellow magnifiers.
Students take a closer look at aquatic insects through green and yellow magnifiers. "Wow!," a student replied, "Hey, look at the pincher on that insect." Another banded sculpin was caught today. Banded sculpins eat insects. Larger banded sculpins can even eat crayfish.

Mr. Maurice Jackson
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