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Tuscaloosa County's Schools

Arcadia Elementary - Arcadia Elementary School, Tuscaloosa, is a Creek Kids School

Brookwood - Fishing Classes for Brookwood High School and Creek Kid fun for Brookwood Elementary School.

Collins-Riverside Middle School - Collins-Riverside Middle School at Camp Horne in Tuscaloosa County enjoy stepping outside.

Eastwood Middle - Students of Eastwood Middle School in Tuscaloosa learn about fish and fish biology.

FAWN - Forestry Awareness Week Now at Camp Horne with Tuscaloosa Schools

Faucett-Vestavia - Faucett-Vestavia Elementary School Enjoys Aquatic Education Talks May 19, 2010

Flatwoods Elementary - Flatwoods Elementary Enjoys Creek Kid at Tannehill

Holy Spirit Catholic Regional School - learns about fish with Maurice Jackson.

Huntington - Casting Classes at Huntington Elementary School

Institute for the Deaf and Blind - Institute for the Deaf and Blind

Myrtlewood Elementary - Myrtlewood Elementary School Ambassadors Go Fishing

Northside Middle School - Northside Middle School Creek Kids

Oakdale Primary - Oakdale Primary School Enjoys Professionals During Career Day, May 27, 2010

Southview Elementary School - Southview in Tuscaloosa County is a Creek Kid School

Tuscaloosa Christian High School - students become Creek Kids.

University Child Care Services' Kinder Prep - Kinder Prep University Child Care Services in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Westlawn Middle - Pictures of aquatic education with Westlawn Middle School of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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