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September 17, 2010

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Forest Hills Middle School Creek Kids, September 17

Sport Fish Restoration

Forest Hills Elementary School
Forest Hills
Seventh Grade students learn about watersheds and nonpoint source pollution with the EnviroScape donated by the Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officers Association.

Maurice Jackson Explains Groundwater and the Bubbling Springs
Mr. Jackson explains how groundwater is the basis of stream flow.

Spring water is COLD relative to the summer air temperature.
An Alabamam Spring
Bubbling Spring sends water from the stream bottom and adjacent hillside.

Students look at a creek from the bridge. Alabama Hog Sucker in a stream
This Alabama hog sucker is one of the fish in Tannehill's streams. This one was visible from the bridge.  Its eyes are near the bottom of the picture.
Mill Dam in Alabama
Dams in Alabama block the movement of fish and other aquatic species upstream.

Students look at snails and mussels that live in the flume that moves water to the grist mill.

Students look at the invertebrates from the stream.

The fish were observed in an aquaria.

Mr. Jackson explains the next step in becoming Creek Kids.

A seine is used to catch fish.
Creek Kid Seining
minnow Minnows feeding off rocks.
We could see the minnows flashing from the bridge.

These viewers help students see the invertebrates better.

Most of the invertebrates found were stone flies.

Forest Hills Middle School students are Creek Kids.
Forest Hills Middle School
Seventh Graders head to the stream to look for invertebrates.

Volunteers during the Event

Mr. Doug Darr
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