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Crumly Chapel Elementary School Enjoys Creek Kid at Tannehill April 22, 2011

Sport Fish Restoration

Mrs. Morrison shows the students a largemouth bass, Alabama's State Freshwater Fish.

Fourth Grade students at Crumly Chapel Elementary School are interested in being Creek Kids.

An EnviroScape is a watershed model to help explain how nonpoint source pollution affects waters.

Exotic animals, such as the Pacu, can affect the populations and presence of native animals and plants.

Rain water washes pollutants like soil, oil and fertilizer into streams.

Students look in the flume to find invertebrates.

Snails like the habitat in the flume, algae and hard surfaces.

Students find mollusks (snails and mussels) in the flume.

- slow moving animal (mollusk) that has a wormlike body and a spiral protective shell,

- an animal with two-valved (two-part) shell that filters water.

Students experience a watershed using a train.

Watershed - an area of land that drains water into a stream or other water body.

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