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Corner Elementary School Enjoys Creek Kid Program at Tannehill on April 20, 2010

Sport Fish Restoration

Students get into the Bubbling Spring at Tannehill Historical State Park.  Springs are where groundwater becomes surface water.


Students listen to Ms. Morrison talk about groundwater.

Students ride the train to see the watershed at Tannehill.

Dams, even low ones, are barriers to the movement of aquatic organisms.

Mr. Jackson talks about what lives in streams.

crayfish feeding in a creek
A crayfish was seen feeding.  Alabama has more types of crayfish than any other state.


Maurice Jackson talks with students by the shoals.
Mr. Jackson explains the effect of sediment (dirt) on aquatic organisms.

Students look at some of the fish collected by Geological Survey of Alabama.

Dr. O'Neil with the Geological Survey of Alabama talks about fish monitoring.

speckled darter

shadow bass

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