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October 2012

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She-BA Home Schoolers Become Creek Kids
October 4, 2012

Sport Fish Restoration

Biologist Aide Brenda Morrison introduces students to Tannehill and prepares them for the Creek Kids program.

  The EnviroScape is a helpful tool for teaching students about the watershed. This student uses a spray bottle to demonstrate how rain can carry pollution through the watershed.

It is surprising to see how rain can carry mud, also known as silt, and fertilizer into our water supply. This is called nonpoint source pollution.

After learning about groundwater with Mrs. Morrison, students experience it firsthand at the bubbling springs.

After Biologist Jerry Moss explains the rules for riding the train students go on a train ride through the watershed. This is one of many great things to experience at Tannehill.

Mr. Moss lead us past the gristmill to the dam. He explained that although we still need dams today they can be harmful to aquatic wildlife.

Students were encouraged to search the sluice for freshwater mussels.

With help from Mr. Moss, we were able to identify which types of mollusks we found.

This student seems to have found an Asiatic clam. While they are an exotic species, which means they are not originally from Alabama, Asiatic clams are found throughout Tannehill.

Biologist Moss and two volunteers attempt to catch minnows using the seine.

Volunteers hold the seine while Mr. Moss chases more fish into the net. Because of the variety of fish found in Tannehill's streams, multiple species can be caught in the seine.

Students examine the seine to see what species of fish were caught.

Many specimen jars were on hand to allow students to see a variety of fish.

The fish captured in the seine are placed in the aquarium so that everyone gets an opportunity to see and identify which species were found.

By using viewing scopes, students are able to see the details of the aquatic invertebrates they captured. Many aquatic invertebrates are insects and are excellent indicator of water quality.  This insect is a dragonfly nymph.

Mrs. Brenda Morrison
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