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Cleveland High School

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Cleveland High School Seventh Graders Become Creek Kids, April 2012

Sport Fish Restoration

Channel 13 made video of the Tannehill trip: 

Channel 13 Video of Cleveland High School Creek Kids
Channel 13 Video of the Alabama Geological Survey Crew assessing the fish in the creek at Tannehill

Cleveland High School Students Creek Kid participants learn about their watershed. They also learned that fishing will help them learn about their environment.
EnviroScape Model
Biologist Aide Morrison assist the group with a watershed model.
Water is sprayed on the watershed model that's covered with cocoa representing soil and green Kool-Aid representing fertilizer. Each of these is an abiotic factor affecting aquatic ecosystems.
EnviroScape Run-off from the landscape affects fish that inhabit our aquatic ecosystems.  As a remedy, a vegetative barrier placed near the tractor. Vegetation growing near water is referred to as a riparian zone.

Students learn about ground water at Bubbling Springs. When it's not raining, the release of water from the ground allows creeks and rivers to flow .

A student gives the Creek Kid experience a thumbs up with teacher, Ms. Caffe (center).


A student empties a boot that's full of water.

Being a good steward to the environment involves every human. It's up to mankind to take care and enhance the environment for people, industry, and wildlife.
Hiking with crutches can be tuff. Getting in the creek with a cast on is even tougher. I think I will get one foot wet today. Students enjoy the smell, sound, and look of a creek.
Searching and learning about invertebrates was fun.
I believe I found something.

Biologist Jackson discuss fish passage with the group.
  Students collected aquatic insects from the creek . The insects are food for the fish. Abiotic factors within the watershed lowers the number of insects needed for the fish. Everything in the environment are linked together similar to a chain.   Students learned about exotics. Here a student handles some Asian clams. An exotic would be an example of a biotic factor affecting aquatic ecosystems.

I am ready to collect fish with this fish seine.

Some of the fish seen during the Cleveland High School's visit to Tannehill State Park.
Geological Service of Alabama demonstrates backpack shocking.
Backpack shocking
was recorded by NBC Channel 13 news.

Thanks for the great fun!
Mr. Maurice Jackson

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