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April 2011

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Advent Episcopal School is a Creek Kids School, April 8, 2011

Sport Fish Restoration

The Advent Episcopal School met in the Tannehill Iron and Steel Museum.

The EnviroScape is used to answer questions about nonpoint source pollution.

The EnviroScape has Kool-Aid shaken on it to represent fertilizer.  Then water is squirted onto the EnviroScape to represnt rain.  When it rains hard, the fertilizer is washed into streams.
Advent Episcopal Elementary School students ride the train to see the watershed and visit the mill dam.

At the mill dam, Jerry Moss talks about habitat changes from a stream with flow to a low velocity habitat with few types of habitats and, therefore, fewer species.
Dams also prevent organisms from going upstream. Populations become isolated.
A water flume is a great place for snails to grow. Few predators can get to them in the flume.
Groundwater is the water source for springs.  Groundwater also keeps streams flowing when it is not raining.
Students get into Bubbling Spring and find out the water is cold.

Pictures of some of the fish found in the waters of Tannehill Park are posted for the students to see.  Crayfish are on display in the aquarium.
Students have an opportunity to look for aquatic invertebrates.
Captured invertebrates are put in an ice tray.

Once on land, the invertebrates can be transferred to observation dishes.
Picture keys are provided to the students.
We appreciate Mario (in the waders) volunteering during the Advent Elementary School's visit to Tannehill.

Students like to explore "feet-on."

Thanks for the great fun!
Mr. Doug Darr
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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