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Birmingham Summer Camp

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 Birmingham Parks at Recreation Department Experience "Creek Kids" at Tannehill

Sport Fish Restoration


As the campers hike across the bridge, Doug Darr talks about what is in a stream.

Students explore a watershed by train and on foot.


Students enjoy learning about the environment while in the environment.

A mill dam prevents the movement of aquatic animals up a stream.

Discussion happens along the way.

Students visit a spring in Tannehill Historic State Park

The above photos are by Joseph Pierson.

The culmination of "Creek Kids" is a chance to get in the stream and find aquatic animals.

A seine is used to capture fish.

Aquatic insects and snails can be found on rocks.

This student found a snail on a rock.

This student holds a silverstripe shiner.

Students looks at preserved specimens before getting into the creek.

Students look at preserved fish to get an idea of the diversity in the stream.


Photos in this section are by Brenda Morrison

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