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Sport Fish Restoration

Mr. Jackson picks up a fish in the seine.

Snails and mussels
can be found in this flume for the mill.

Although dams like the one at Tannehill are useful, they can also drastically alter natural habitats.
While the purpose of the sluice is to bring water to the grist mill, it also houses several types of mollusks.

With the help of Biologist Maurice Jackson we were able to identify the different types of snails and mussels we found at Tannehill.

The springs provide temperature relief from the hot Alabama sun.

Specimen jars from previous samplings allowed us to see many of the fish found in Tannehill's streams.

Mr. Jackson demonstrates that learning to use the seine correctly is an important part of stream sampling.

With the help of Mr. Jackson and Mr. Moss, we found several minnows and a crayfish!

After a short hike, Mr. Moss explains how the bubbling springs are fed by groundwater.

Next Mr. Jackson talked about invertebrates and how they benefit our ecosystem.

The best place to start the search for invertebrates is under rocks.

Specimens were collected to be examined under the viewing scopes.

In the EnviroScape model a spray bottle simulates rain so that students can better visualize the watershed.

Many students have questions about our watershed model.

We were excited to see our fish swimming in the aquarium.

Thanks for the great fun!
Mrs. Brenda Morrison
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

Mrs. Morrison told us about bluegill as well as largemouth bass and explained how they interact in the wild.

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and make a friend for life.

Anglers may purchase a lifetime fishing or hunting license.  Receive a discount if purchased by age 11.

Photographs by Jace Barnett

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