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Alabama Master Naturalist: Alabama's Living Streams
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First Living Streams group training of Alabama Master Naturalists
The first participants of the Living Stream training for the Alabama Master Naturalist program receives a briefing of macroinvertebrate collecting from Sergio Ruiz-Cordova of Alabama Water Watch.

 Doyle Keasal
Doyle Keasal
is in charge of the Alabama Master Naturalist program.

Sergio makes a point about aquatic macroinvertebrates and their usefulness in assessing stream water quality.

Kick nets are a useful tool to collect aquatic insects.

Macroinvertebrates are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, but many of them are small.

One of the future Alabama Master Naturalists assesses the riffle habitat in Saugahatchee Creek.

The Alabama Master Naturalist training includes both lecture and hands-on activities.

Invertebrates are collected in a small net.

The net is emptied into a bucket.

Although hands can be used to sweep invertebrates off their substrate and onto the net, kicking with your feet is preferred.
A hellgrammite is the nymph for the dobsonfly.

A water snake was spotted.

 If you do not know your snakes, just keep a wide berth. A venomous snake has a triangular-shaped head and ellipitcal eyes.  This one is harmless.
water snake
This water snake was very colorful.



Doyle Keasal provided insight where needed.

Two naturalists look for a productive sampling location.

Eric Reutebuch is an Alabama Water Watch staff member.

Alabama Water Watch Movie of Fish Collection

Water monitoring by collecting aquatic invertebrates.
Saugahatchee Creek has a diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates, which means good water quality.
Walking in a stream that is not publicly owned requires the permission of the landowner. Sampling fish, crayfish, mussels and aquatic snails may require permits from the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division.

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Thanks for the great fun!
Mr. Doug Darr
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