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Freshwater Touch Tank

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Freshwater Touch Tanks at the Oak Mountain State Park Outdoor Alabama Expo

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Ryan Peasley helps a child begin to understand its world.

Interaction with fish is something new to this young girl.

Participants at the Oak Mountain State Park were able to learn identification of freshwater fish with live specimens.

Fish not often caught on hook-and-line were also displayed so that participants could begin to learn about the 300+ species of fish in Alabama.

Keith Floyd initiates this girl to the strange feel of a walking crayfish.

Rob Andress points out identifying characteristics of a largemouth bass to an angler using the touch tank.

Two tanks were brought to the Expo with dirty water.  Mussels were put in one tank, and that tank cleared as the day progressed.

Paul Johnson shows off the crayfish brought for the Expo.

A touch tank with freshwater fish and invertebrates was a popular exhibit.

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