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Intro to Fishing

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Alabama Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Workshop
March 2004

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A fine Alabama spotted bass was landed during the
A large Alabama spotted bass is caught in front of the 4-H Center during the "Introduction to Fishing" class at the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshop.

BOW Angler success catching a channel catfish. 
A nice channel catfish is caught from Lay Lake.

Tee Kitchens poses with a channel catfish caught by Althea Goodyear.
Another channel catfish is successfully hooked and landed.

Learning a few basic knots is necessary to become an independant angler.
Traci George demonstrates knot tying, a necessary part of fishing independently.

Traci George demonstrates knot tying.

Good students concentrate on knot tying.

Pictures of:
Bass Fishing
Fly Fishing

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