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Outdoor Skills

Backpacking / Hiking—Learn what to take along, what to leave behind, and how to pack it. This introductory lecture will teach you how to hike and backpack safely with respect for the environment. ‘Leave No Trace’ principles are incorporated while demonstrating the use of all equipment needed for an enjoyable adventure. Learn how to layer your clothes for the weather, what to eat, how to cook it on a stove, where to put your tent and how to feel confident about it all. The Last 30 minutes of class will incorporate a 1-mile hike where you will learn three essentials that could save your life during hiking.

Quincy Banks teaches photography at the Fall 2008 Alabama Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshop.Photography I—This class will focus on getting the pictures you want, not technical camera operation. Learn basic techniques used in outdoor photography, including choosing a location, use of blinds, stalking and cover, composition, and the importance of lighting and timing. We will also briefly cover artistic options associated with digital photography. Bring your own digital camera. Students in this class will be given the option of a late afternoon photo shoot on Friday, and an early morning shoot on Saturday.

Photography II—Learn the secret to shooting great outdoor photos. This class will be completely conducted outdoors. Participants will learn how to take great outdoor pictures and still-life photographs; tips and tricks for outdoor photography; shot conceptualization; low-light techniques; and flash photography techniques. Photo review by the instructor will also be a part of this class. Students in this class will be expected to attend a late afternoon photo shoot on Friday, and an early morning shoot on Saturday. (Note: class is an all-day session.)

Forest Fitness - Discover how the gym can lie right in your own backyard, as we discover ways to exercise our body and mind through the outdoors.  Light workout and Yoga fun, great way to prepare your mind and body for the weekend. 

Trail Cameras –In this class the use of trail cameras to capture still images and video of wildlife on your property will be explored. Participants will experience the excitement of discovering the many animals that utilize your property; some of which you may not know are there.  Trail cameras can also aide hunters by helping them learn to utilize the cameras in patterning deer and other animals. An in-depth overview of camera setup will be discussed as well as the when and where of camera placement to help you get the most out of your camera.  Class time will be split between an indoor camera overview and an outdoor in-the-field equipment setup activity.

Knot Tying Basics - Participants will learn about ropes and knots used in everyday life, in survival situations and also while boating, camping, and kayaking. From this basic class, participants will become familiar with and learn how to successfully tie knots. 

Beekeeping I—Learn about hive components, essential equipment, starting a colony, seasonal management, pests and diseases and available resources.

Beekeeping II—Advanced techniques covered will be swarm-catching, splitting a hive in the spring, supering a hive, and honey removal techniques. Share strategies to obtain strong hives for spring honey flow and tips for success. Beekeeping I is a prerequisite.

Pioneer Village Tour—Take a walking tour (3 hours) of an authentic pioneer town from around the 1800s. Learn about the history of the era and how people survived without modern necessities. Tour includes a grist mill, church and home. Be sure and wear your walking shoes and bring your walking stick.

Frontier/Survivor Skills from the 1800s—In this class led by “Huggin’ Bear,” learn how to load and shoot muzzleloading firearms; build a fire with old time flint and steel; use and throw a tomahawk (hand axe); use and throw old time knives; and learn about survival skills from the past and present.

Rock Climbing—Adventurous hands-on session! Conquer your fear of heights. Build self-confidence, and practice safety. Yes, participants actually climb! And, yes, you can do it!  New Addition to class:  Giant Swing - Participants are put in a full body harness and are attached to a cable and a rope. Their team mates haul them up to the top of a 30’ pole; the participant then pulls the quick release and swings.

Scuba Diving – Learn the basics; understand how the gear works and start your underwater adventure.  All gear, tanks, wetsuits and masks are provided.  Participants don’t have to be great swimmers,, but should be comfortable in the water.  The class takes place in the 4-H Center’s pool.  While this class isn’t a certification class, information will be available regarding certification.

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