Very few state government program officials can say, "Alabama citizens donate the funds that make our program work."  But it's true of the Department of Conservation's Nongame Wildlife program, managed by the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries since 1984. The Nongame Wildlife Program has completed several major projects statewide.  We hope you will continue to support the worthwhile efforts to conserve Alabama's eagles, brown pelicans, shorebirds, and songbirds. Help us continue to expand our projects by checking off for the Nongame Wildlife Fund on Form 40 or Form 40A on your state income tax form. Return a Gift to Wildlife for all the pleasures wildlife gives you.

Some Highlights of the Nongame Wildlife Program:

  • Released 91 bald eagles to restore a nesting population of our national symbol in Alabama.
  • Monitored bald eagle nesting activity. There are several successful eagle nests each year and productivity is now nearing recovery plan goals.
  • Released 66 ospreys to restore this majestic bird to our inland rivers and lakes.
  • Built more than 10,000 bluebird nest boxes and coordinated more than 1,000 volunteers to "Bring Back the Bluebird."
  • Managed and protected Gaillard Island, Mobile Bay to produce more than 10,000 brown pelicans in eight years-more pelicans produced in Alabama than in the last century.
  • Conducted annual shorebird surveys to help monitor the condition of valuable wetland habitat.
  • Assisted in studies of turtles, nongame fish, mussels, rare frogs, bats, and salamanders.
  • Initiated a monitoring program to conserve Alabama's songbirds.

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For more information contact:

Mark Sasser, Nongame Wildlife Coordinator
Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries
64 North Union Street
Montgomery, AL  36130