Typical lizards superficially resemble salamanders, but their dry scaly skin, clawed feet, and external ear openings quickly seperate them from theri distant moist-skinned ancestors.  Legless lizards may be confused with snakes, but unlike snakes, they possess movable eyelids. 


Glass Lizards - Family Anguidae

Eastern Slender Glass Lizard

Mimic Glass Lizard

Eastern Glass Lizard


Geckoes - Family Gekkonidae

Turkish (Mediterranean) House Gecko

Indo-Pacific Gecko


Spiny Lizards and Allies - Family Phrynosomatidae


Eastern Fence Lizard 

Southern Prairie Lizard

Texas Horned Lizard


Anoles - Family Polychridae

Northern Green Anole 

Brown Anole


Skinks - Family Scincidae

Coal Skink 

Northern Mole Skink 

Five-lined Skink

Southeastern Five-lined Skink 

Broad-headed Skink

Ground Skink


Racerunners - Family Teiidae

Eastern Six-lined Racerunner