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General Rules






The Hunter’s Role: This is a regulated hunt with one objective: to reduce overpopulation of white-tailed deer in Oak Mtn. State Park.  This is NOT a trophy hunt.  Hunting is an effective management tool to control populations and to improve herd and habitat conditions.         


Topo Map: The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources does not provide topographic or aerial maps of the park. Hunters are responsible for securing specialty maps, which can be acquired through online services such as www.terraserver-USA.com.


Legal Archery Equipment: Hunters may use any legal archery equipment as defined by law including: crossbow, longbow, recurve bow and compound bow.  A copy of the law is available online. Visit www.outdooralabama.com and click the “Hunting” link to view or download the “Alabama Regulations Relating to Game, Fish and Fur-Bearing Animals.”


Labeling Arrows: All hunting arrows must be labeled with the hunter’s full name on the shaft or fletching using a permanent marker such as a Sharpie® or paint pen.  Arrows will be inspected daily at check-in and check-out.


Hunter Orange: Alabama law requires hunters to wear a minimum of 144 square inches of Hunter Orange, equivalent in size to a baseball cap or hat, visible from all angles.


Treestands & Safety Harness: Portable treestands are allowed.  Nails or spikes may not be driven into trees. The Department of Conservation is not responsible for lost or damaged stands. Use of a safety harness is required to hunt from any elevated treestand.  Hunter Safety System®, Seat-of-the-Pants® or other full-body harness is acceptable but a single strap is not.  Harness must be used from the time the hunter leaves the ground until he/she climbs down. Safety first!


Scouting & Stand Selection: Scouting is allowed anytime prior to the hunt during normal park hours. The customary gate fee is required for all scouting visits.


Lodging Reservations: Oak Mountain State Park offers cabins, RV campsites and primitive campsite rentals. Contact the park office at 205-620-2520 to make reservations. Visit www.outdooralabama.com and click the “State Parks” link to learn more about lodging options.


Check-in/Check-out: All hunters must check-in and check-out at the Maintenance Shop each day of the hunt. Check-in begins at 4:30 a.m. both days. Enter the Oak Mtn. State Park front gate and follow signs to the Maintenance Shop.


Be prepared to present the following items at check-in:

  • Proof of eligibility: Confirmation email.
  • Valid Alabama hunting license (will be held at check-in station until check-out each day).
  • Arrows, safety harness and Hunter Orange.

ATV and vehicle use: Regulation permits limited use of four wheel vehicle, including ATV, for transportation and retrieval of game. Refer to Special State Park Hunting Regulation printed on the back of permit map.


Deer Processing: Do not field dress deer. All harvested deer must be taken intact to the Maintenance Shop for processing. Once Conservation Department personnel collect harvest data, the hunter’s options for processing include:

  1. Transport it outside the park to be processed. A list of deer processors is provided.  All transported deer must be covered with tarp, plastic sheeting, or concealed in some way.
  2. Pack harvested deer on ice. Hunter is solely responsible for providing adequate cooler, ice and tools for skinning and/or quartering deer. A designated area will be set aside in the Maintenance Shop for hunters who plan to process their own deer.
  3. Donate harvested deer to the Hunters Helping the Hungry program. Donated deer will be kept in cold storage at the Maintenance Shop until transporting to a deer processor.

Admission to Park: The park is closed to the general public for the four hunts except for the golf course, which will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Persons wishing to play during that time frame may schedule a tee time in advance of the hunt days (first come, first served) by calling 205-620-2522.

Only the 80 designated hunters and registered cabin/campsite guests are allowed in the park on hunt days.  Hunters who reserve a cabin or campsite during the hunt are allowed to bring non-hunting guests, provided the guests remain in the cabin/campsite area and do not interfere with the hunt.


Specific hunting regulations questions: For more information about hunting regulations visit www.outdooralabama.com and click the “Hunting” link, or contact the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division at 334-242-3467.



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