Commercial - $51.00

Nonresidents pay the same fee as that charged Alabama residents to conduct the same activity in the applicant's state of residence, or not less than twice the amount of resident license.
Recreational - Annual or 7-day Saltwater Fishing License required (5 traps maximum)

Below is a summary of crabbing rules. For complete info, download general crabbing rules: crabregs.pdf, commercial crabbing rules: crab com.pdf, and recreational crabbing rules: crab rec.pdf in Adobe acrobat .pdf format or call an MRD office.

It shall be unlawful to set or place any trap used for the taking of crabs in any marked navigational channel or within 300 feet of any public boat launching ramp. Traps shall not exceed 27 cubic feet in volume. It is unlawful to take crabs from traps belonging to another without written authorization.

Recreational traps must be marked with an orange buoy at least 6" in diameter and must be physically attached to a pier, piling, bulkhead, boathouse or other structure, on, or attached to the shore.

Each commercial crab trap shall be marked with at least one buoy no smaller than 6" in diameter, and 1/2 of the buoy shall be white. Each buoy shall be marked with the fisherman's identification number (assigned by MRD and remains the same for subsequent years) or a color coded design (assigned by MRD and remains the same for subsequent years).

It is unlawful to remove commercial crab traps from the water or remove crabs from commercial crab traps during the hours from sunset to 1 hour before sunrise the following day. The harvesting of crabs with crab traps is prohibited in waters north of a line established by the eastbound lane of Interstate 10 highway, except for the portion of Interstate 10 lying north of Highway 90 (Battleship Parkway) where the line shall follow Battleship Parkway.

Legal Size
It shall be unlawful to possess blue crabs smaller than 5" in width as measured across the widest points of the upper shell, except for soft-shelled or pre-molt crabs or crabs sold for use as bait (Live bait shrimp dealer license required if crabs are sold as bait).