Pickwick Records

Scott Yarbro, MD caught this eight-pound, nine-ounce smallmouth bass from Pickwick Lake in March of 1998 on six-pound line.  With the catch he beat his own line class record of seven-pounds, three-ounces caught in January of 1998.

Other International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records caught from Pickwick Lake include:
Seven-pound smallmouth bass on one kilogram test line (2-pound) by Herbert G. Ratner, Jr. on June 2, 1997
Eight-pound, six-ounce smallmouth bass on eight kilogram test line (16-pound) by Terrell D. Nail on January 4, 1988
Thirty-pound freshwater drum on 6 kilogram test line (12-pound) by James G. Pickle on May 9, 1987

Lake Pickwick is home to the Alabama state record silver redhorse (sucker) (fourteen pounds, fourteen ounces),  sauger (five pounds and two ounces), muskellunge (nineteen pounds, eight ounces - muskies are no longer stocked), and paddlefish (fifty-two pounds, twelve ounces - currently, paddlefish must be immediately released upon capture).