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License Alabama Florida Louisiana Mississippi Other States and Countries
Annual (September-August) $12.75 $48.95 $60.00 $54.29 $48.95
7-Day Trip NA $30.00 $27.10 $27.10 $27.60
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An Alabama fishing license is needed for fishing fun in Alabama public waters.Your purchase of an Alabama fishing license financially supports the protection and enhancement of Alabama's aquatic resources.  Except for the issuance fees and Internet or telephone convenience fees, 100% of your license fee goes to management of, protection of, and education about Alabama's natural resources.  Your purchase also help us gain matching federal funds available from excise taxes on anglers' and boaters' equipment and gasoline purchases.

In addition to being available at probate offices and many stores that carry fishing tackle or bait, Alabama Hunting and Fishing Licenses (or permits) are available by Internet (plus a 2.5% + $1 fee) and by telephone, 1-888-848-6887 (plus a 2.5% + $5.25 fee).  Information on licenses and fees is available. Resident and non-resident annual fishing licenses are valid from September 1 through August 31 each year. Residents pay $12.75 for September 1 - August 31 freshwater license. Non-resident license prices for adjacent states and Louisiana are based upon what those states charge Alabama residents.  Other states and foreign visitors may be able to purchase either a $48.95 freshwater annual, September 1 - August 31; or $27.60 for a freshwater seven-day license.

Daughter and Father with Largemouth BassFishing licenses are required for residents age 16 years through age 64 who fish with rod and reel or artificial bait. An Alabama fishing license or a Wildlife Heritage License is required to fish with hook and line outside county of legal residence or from a boat anywhere on freshwater.  To purchase a resident license, one must be a resident who possess an Alabama Driver's License, Alabama's Non-driver's ID Card, or meet the residency proof.  Non-residents ages 16 and older are required to have a non-resident's license. A person may only be a resident of one state.
NOTE: Residents 65 years of age and over are exempt from buying fishing licenses providing that said resident has on his person while fishing an Alabama Driver License, an Alabama non-driver identification card, or other proof of permanent Alabama residence and age.

Take a kid fishing!

Many senior Alabamians have expressed a strong desire to show their support for game and fish programs, so the Division offers a voluntary senior license that allows seniors to contribute to the Game and Fish Lifetime Trust Fund and allows the Division to count them to receive more federal 3:1 matching money.  In return, seniors receive an embossed, durable, credit-card style license signifying their personal contribution to the management and protection of Alabama's natural resources.
Also see the exemption for families of active military.

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