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Bluntnose MinnowBluntnose - Similar to fathead minnow commonly used for bait, the bluntnose minnow is a common minnow in most of Alabama.


Bullhead MinnowBullhead - With a broad, flat back in covered with small scales like all Pimephales, the lateral line of the bullhead minnow is bent dorsally near its anterior end, which distinguishes this species from the bluntnose minnow.

Chub - Several different types of minnows are given the common name of "chub."

Cypress - Similar in appearance and distribution to the Mississippi silvery minnow, the cypress minnow has a more angular profile, is more compressed, and prefers quieter waters.

Dace - Dace is a common name for several minnow types with small scales.

Fathead - The fathead minnow is the most popular bait minnow in the country, and it is commonly called a tuffie.

Goldfish and Carps - All goldfish and carp are exotic to Alabama.

Longjaw - Until 2006, the sand-loving longjaw minnow in Alabama was considered a silverjaw minnow.

Mississippi Silvery - The Mississippi silvery minnow is common in sluggish streams throughout the Mississippi and Mobile basins.

Pugnose - The pugnose minnow is best known for its small head and small, almost vertical mouth.

Riffle - The riffle minnow is a bottom dwelling minnow that is endemic to (only found in) the Mobile basin.

Shiners - Reflective minnows that have the common name shiner.

Stargazing MinnowStargazing - More slender and fusiform than the riffle and suckermouth minnow, the stargazing minnow is found in the Tennessee, Green and Cumberland river drainages.

Stonerollers - The largescale stoneroller and the bluefin stoneroller live in Alabama.

Suckermouth MinnowSuckermouth - A single suckermouth minnow specimen collected at night in Cedar Creek, Tennessee River basin, in 1993 may represent the first record of this species from Alabama in nearly 30 years.


"Catchin' Minners"
Minnows can be fun to catch on a hook and line. Minnows often take small worms fished on small hooks. Fly fishing for minnows is excellent sport. Small spinners may also be effective for larger minnows.

Another trick is to use a small dough balls on small hooks. Mix 3 tablespoons of flour, 1 teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of water. Knead the dough and form small pieces around your small hook.

Catch minnows for fun or use them for bait.  Once in a bait bucket, minnows cannot be released.  Bait should not be moved from one drainage to another.

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