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Alligator Gar Caught in Alabama

On August 13, 2009, Richard Johnson caught this 151-pounds and 10 ounces alligator gar from the Tensaw River to establish an official tie of the Alabama Record.

Alabama Record Alligator Gar Caught in 2004
This alligator gar was caught in August of 2004 from the Tensaw River, Mobile Delta, by Michael Houseknecht of Mobile, 151-pounds, 5-ounces.  At the time, the catch established a new Alabama record. It is now tied for the record, as sole ownership of a large record needs to be by eight ounces.

Bow shot alligator gar in Alabama
Bow angler Clayton Hadley, shot this large alligator gar near the mouth of the Apalachee River, Mobile Delta, in August of 2008. The fish was about 77-3/4 inches long, and the unofficial weight was 134 pounds.

Head of an alligator gar
Compared with other gar, the alligator gar's mouth is relatively small, but it has two rows of teeth.

Alligator gar anglers from about 1980.
Harvest of Alligator Gar during the 1970s

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