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2004 State Fish Art Contest Winner; Anderson - ArtistThe following shall be named and designated as game fish: rainbow trout, all members of the sunfish family, including largemouth, shoal, smallmouth, redeye and spotted bass (commonly called trout or green trout), white and black crappie (commonly called white perch), rock bass, shadow bass, flier, warmouth, redbreast, bluegill, longear and shellcracker (commonly called bream). All members of the bass family including white bass, yellow bass, saltwater striped bass (commonly called rockfish) and hybrid striped bass (a cross between the white bass and the saltwater striped bass). All members of the pike family including redfin, grass and chain pickerel. The following members of the perch family: the sauger (commonly called jack salmon), walleye, and yellow perch.


The current entire Alabama Regulations for Game, Fish, and Fur Bearing Animals is available online. This book does not include laws that regulate fishing and hunting.

Daily fish limits and selected other fishing regulations.

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