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Commercial Fish Designated

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220-2-.45 Commercial or Non-game Fish Designated

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The following shall be designated as commercial or non-game fish: Drum, Buffalo, Carp, Channel Catfish, all members of the Catfish family, Paddlefish (Spoonbill) [paddlefish harvest is now prohibited], Spotted Sucker, all members of the Sucker family including the species known as Red Horse and Black Horse, Bowfin and all members of the Gar family (alligator gar limited to one per day), and mullet taken or attempted to be taken north of the line specified in paragraph (1) of 220-2-.42 subject to the exceptions provided in paragraph (3) hereof.

Channel catfish drawing by Duane Raver, USFWS, copyright 

The current entire Alabama Regulations for Game, Fish, and Fur Bearing Animals is available as a PDF. In addition, Alabama has laws that regulate fishing and hunting.

Daily fish limits and selected other fishing regulations.

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