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Certified Trophy Angler Catches

Alabama Certified Trophy Anglers for Largemouth Bass

Certified Trophy Anglers have had their catch of a largemouth bass ten pounds or larger or 25 inches or longer certified by the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. (Photographs required of the fish next to a ruler and with the angler, see rules.) Certified Master Anglers have had a catch of a largemouth bass 8 pounds or larger or 23 inches or longer certified.

  Chris Snow caught this largemouth bass
Chris Snow caught this monster bass, 10-pounds, 10-ounces, from a Perry County pond on December 19, 2012.
 Noah Kilpatrick caught this largemouth bass
Noah Kilpatrick caught this11-pound, 2-ounce largemouth bass from a private lake in St. Clair County on April 2, 2012.
Matthew Applebaum caught this largemouth bass
Matthew Applebaum caught this 12-pound largemouth bass from a private lake in south Alabama on March 8, 2012.

Michael Cromer caught this largemouth bass
Michael Cromer caught this 10-pound, 2-ounce largemouth bass from Mud Creek at Lake Guntersville on February 25, 2012.

Chris Thompson caught this largemouth bass
Chris Thompson caugh this 10-pound, 12-ounce largemouth bass from Ray Scotts Lake in Montgomery County on June 11, 2010.

Jeremy Gilreath caught this largemouth bass
Jeremy Gilreath caught this 10-pound, 14-ounce largemouth bass from Lewis Smith Lake on April 11, 2011.
Aubrey Boothe of Coker, Alabama, holds the Oliver Pool lake record as of December 30, 2006, after catching an 11-pound, 10-ounce largemouth bass.
Jim Voss with a giant bass
Jim Voss caught this 11-pound, 2-ounce monster from a Tallapoosa County Pond on March 8, 2010, about four days after a front had moved through Alabama.  It was caught on a bluegill-colored Bandit 200. This catch earned him the Trophy Angler Certificate.

Lee Black caught this 11-pound, and 4-ounce largemouth bass at Guntersville Lake on February 12, 2009.

twelve-pound largemouth bass from Guntersville Lake
Ben McGuire caught this twelve and a quarter pound largemouth bass from Guntersville Lake on December 31, 2008.

Matthew Applebaum earned the Trophy Angler Certificate with this 11 pound largemouth bass, which he caught in Perry County on May 8, 2008.
Eleven pounds and two hundredths largemouth bass from Smith Lake in 2007
David Lockhart shows off a 2007 eleven pound largemouth bass from Smith Lake on June 3, 2007. This current Smith Lake record largemouth bass was caught at night on a shakey head jig and finessse worm. He gave special thanks to his net man, Heath Smith. David also earned a Trophy Angler Certificate.
Gary Gunthrie with the first fish presented for the Alabama Lake Record program.
April 16, 2007, Gary Guthrie of Jasper, Alabama, caught a 10-pound,  4-ounce largemouth bass from the Sipsey Creek arm of Smith Lake. The bass was the first official lake record largemouth bass for Smith Lake, and it is the first record of the new lake record program.
Blake Gowen caught this certified trophy largemouth bass from Guntersville Lake
Blake Gowen shows off his largemouth bass that earned him a Trophy Angler Certificate. The ten-pound, four-ounce bass was caught from Guntersville Lake on March 23, 2007

Certified Alabama Lake and State Record Largemouth Bass

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