Rodents are relatively small animals that have a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing.  Because the incisors are enameled on the front only, the working of upper teeth against lower ones wears away the softer inner surfaces more rapidly, producing a sharp, beveled edge ideal for gnawing.  Incisors grow throughout the animals life (if they didn"t they would be worn away), and rodents must gnaw enough to keep them from growing too long.

Rodents have bulbous eyes on the sides of the head, which enable them to see forward or behind, detecting danger over a wide arc.  Most, bu not all, have four toes on their forefeet and five on their hindfeet.  Most rodents are nocturnal and remain active throughout the year.


Squirrels - Family Sciuridae

Gray Squirrel 

Fox Squirrel 

Southern Flying Squirrel 



Eastern Chipmunk 



Beavers - Family Castoridae



Pocket Gophers - Family Geomyidae

Southeastern Pocket Gopher 


Jumping Mice and Jerboas - Family Dipodidae

Meadow Jumping Mouse 


Rats and Mice - Family Muridae

Prairie Vole

Woodland Vole 

Common Muskrat 

Eastern Woodrat 

Allegheny Woodrat 

Golden Mouse


Cotton Deermouse

White-footed Deermouse 

North American Deermouse

Oldfield Deermouse 

Alabama Beach Mouse 

Perdido Key Beach Mouse 

Eastern Harvest Mouse

Marsh Oryzomys

Hispid Cotton Rat 


Family Muridae

House Mouse 

Brown Rat 

Roof Rat 


Nutrias - Family Myocastoridae

Coypu (Nutria)